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Prepare and File Taxes from Anywhere and Anytime with Lacerte Software On Cloud

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Lacerte Tax Software Hosting on Cloud Server

Filing complex returns using Lacerte software often requires team collaboration. With Lacerte Software hosting, you can prepare tax returns on the go. At Verito, we work with CPAs and accounting firms to offer Lacerte Tax Software hosting solutions.

Unlimited User Access

Allow your team members and clients to collaborate on cloud-hosted Lacerte software to improve productivity.

Maintain Access Control

Manage access permissions for users to keep Lacerte tax software and data safe from any unauthorized access.

99.995% Uptime

At Verito, we offer 99.995% uptime backed by our SLA so that you can use Lacerte on the cloud at your convenience.

Lecerte Software Hosting for Your Business Needs

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Enhanced Productivity with Remote Collaboration

Lacerte software hosting enables you to work with your accounting team members and business partners remotely on the same cloud-backed platform. Eliminate redundant tasks and improve tax workflow efficiency. You gain the benefits of cross-device compatibility and real-time collaboration with Lacerte tax software hosting.

Easier Integration with Other Tax Software

Our cloud hosting solutions are best suited for leading tax and accounting desktop software such as OfficeTools, QuickBooks, and Drake. If you want to integrate data sync with Lacerte software, we can assist with that as well.
Choose Verito as your cloud partner and enjoy consistent performance.

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Disaster Recovery with Lacerte Hosting

Disaster Recovery feature is built-in with our Lacerte Software hosting services. We will help you recover your tax data from our servers and ensure uninterrupted access to cloud-hosted Lacerte in case of an accidental data loss due to human-made or natural disasters.

Our support team is available round-the-clock to assist you with any questions.

Scalable Lacerte Hosting Solutions

Tax and accounting requirements work seasonally. We understand that your business’s cloud hosting needs must scale up and down throughout the year. With our Lacerte Software hosting solutions, you can scale your server resources, RAM or storage space, up and down as needed.

We make sure that our cloud solutions fulfill the demands of your tax season.

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Why Choose Verito Technologies?

Free Setup

Our cloud solution experts are always available to work on setup, upgrade, and maintenance needs. You can rely on us without worrying about IT hassles.

Enhanced Security

Once your Lacerte software and data are hosted on our cloud, we make sure it is completely safe and protected from unauthorized access on the servers.

Pay As You Go

We provide custom Lacerte tax software hosting services that are tailor-made for your requirements. With Verito, you benefit from both flexibility and scalability.

Free Trial

Your satisfaction is crucial for us. We offer a 15-day Lacerte Software hosting trial to let you experience high-performance cloud computing for your business.

Lacerte Software Hosting FAQs

Lacerte software hosting means you do not need to worry about being tied down to a local computer to access Lacerte software. With Lacerte on cloud, you can access your software and data anywhere, through any smart device virtually. It not only saves time but also helps improve workplace productivity.

Lacerte software hosting means you do not need to worry about being tied down to a local computer to access Lacerte software. With Lacerte on cloud, you can access your software and data anywhere, through any smart device virtually. It not only saves time but also helps improve workplace productivity.

Hosting Lacerte on cloud signifies the software and data are kept safe and secure. It is the responsibility of the chosen cloud solution provider to maintain cloud security. In general, most of these service providers utilize advanced security methods, like SSL-based encryption, firewalls, anti-virus protection, to name a few.

When you choose Lacerte software hosting, your cloud hosting provider will handle software updates automatically. Automated updates relieve you from the hassles of a manual software update to the latest release whenever available.

Other than Lacerte software's license cost, you need to buy a cloud hosting plan online based on your business-specific needs. With Verito, you can choose from Solo or Small team hosting plans.

Lacerte tax software hosting ensures superfast performance backed by SSD-based servers. At Verito, we also ensure 99.995% uptime with our cloud hosting solutions. The performance of software hosted on the cloud depends on the availability and strength of the Internet connection in use.

With Lacerte software hosting solutions, you have full control over the server access permissions. This way only authorized users will be allowed to access the software and data on the cloud.

Scalability depends on the cloud hosting service provider. With Verito, you can change your cloud server resources based on your changing business needs and pay only for the services you use.

Our Clients Love Us

My company and I are so happy with Verito. This is the best decision we ever made. The transition was easy, and it has been so beneficial to productivity. Every accountant should use this setup.

Steve JocobsonPresident at Jacobson Clergy Tax Service

I'm so happy I switched to Verito! It's twice as fast as my previous company. Great customer service is their emphasis. I've used them for over a year.

Julia HamptonAccountant CPA

We are so happy we found these folks! We use Verito with Drake tax software and ATOM (workflow and CC processing). Great support and great service!! Our business is 95% remote and Verito makes it all so much easier! Thank you!

Tim WaishOwner At Tim Walsh LAc

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