About Us

Verito is derived from the Latin word "Veritas," meaning truth. Integrity in all aspects is our highest calling and, we believe, our most significant selling feature. We are committed to helping small businesses with turn-key solutions customized to their needs.

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Our Vision

We envision a future where businesses are no longer tied to a single device to use their favorite software but can access their information across every device securely and seamlessly.

Our Mission

We want to eliminate technology headaches for all Tax and Accounting professionals. We’re cutting through the confusion of how to make cloud solutions work for small businesses. We set our clients up for success with a real-time, collaborative environment.


Our state of the art data centers offer multiple features that ensure maximal uptime and security. Our data centers offer Layer 3-4 & 7 DDOS protection, failover and load balancing to ensure maximal uptime, three-tier security system to protect against blackouts and downtime, and 24/7 monitoring.

Meet Our Team

Kenneth Majors


Kenny is a serial entrepreneur and has extensive experience in sales, marketing and destination management. He’s started, developed and successfully sold several multimillion dollar companies. His Last company was sold to Expedia. Strong skillset in leadership, market development and resource utilization. He laid out the marketing and business development roadmap for Verito. His advisory has played a significant role in Verito’s success.

Camren Majors


Camren is the marketing brains that drive Verito’s online presence and business development. He has been actively involved in multiple large businesses in the performance marketing sector helping companies grow through lead generation and funnel optimization. Camren and Jatin have co-founded 3 businesses together. He has a B.S. Degree in Management Information Systems from FSU 2012

Jatin Narang


Jatin has over 12 years of experience in the IT and marketing space. A Passionate entrepreneur with a proven successful track record of founding and selling multi-million dollar businesses. He’s always working towards turn-key solutions with a personal approach. Verito is his latest brainchild. He is an organization builder & a strong leader, known for starting up & scaling businesses through vision, intuition, technology & user-experience know-how.
He is very active across the start-up ecosystem in New Delhi and Orlando & is a member of various forums, where he is involved in mentoring digital start-ups & nurturing entrepreneurship. He loves traveling and spending time with family.