Managed Security Services

Threat Management

Empower your network with a security system that proficiently detects threats and prevent the possibilities of attacks while improving and accelerating the efficacy of the entire security system.

Verito Technologies provides a complete analysis over security system platform via expert executives. A dynamic approach is provided to review latest attack trends and a comparison report is created to determine the performance of security resources.

It is not just a single map projection, instead the earth is divided into sixty zones, where Threat Management analyze and identify the probabilities of attack on organization's corporate data and other information. Any sort of unauthorized access is prevented and data is protected using advanced security algorithms. Verito Technologies experts constantly examine your networking space to detect any upcoming threats and security issues and rectify the same in best possible manner within the specified time frame.

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Managed Threat Detection

By pulling the logs into Cloud based infrastructure, we positively identify and remediate breaches in the network security through real-time monitoring.

Managed SIEM

We constantly examine your Server, network and applications to gather, store and analyze logs through Security Intelligence and Event Management Services.

Managed Secure Web Gateway

Get total visibility of entire web traffic across the enterprise to spot security breaches and identify approaching threats in your cloud infrastructure.

Managed Network Access Control

Increased proliferation of mobile devices escalates risk to data. Allow minimal and authorized access to your business data with Verito's Managed Access Control services.

Managed Email Security

At Verito Technologies, we filter email traffic in highly secure data centers so that only authenticated emails enters the network.

SSL Certificate Lifecycle Management

Enterprise class Certificate Lifecycle Management ensures that all your business network and web assets are up to mark and free from any security risks.

Managed Encryption

End to end encryption services are offered to keep your valuable data secure from unauthorized access and un-scanned unencrypted channels.

Managed Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication allows you to access applications and data securely from any device and not from the corporate network alone.

MDR for Endpoints

Managed Detection and Response for Endpoints proactively monitors network activities round the clock to identify, detect and respond to the security threats.

Managed IDS/IPS

IDS/IPS devices are essential for your network to ensure an active layer of security, so it is important that they tuned to your network as well as latest threats.

Firewall Management

Streamline the monitoring and management of your network firewall devices to keep them updated to latest security policies, strategies and configurations.

Incident Response & Readiness

With Verito managed Incident Response & Readiness services, prevent attacks on your network and save information leakage to unauthorized channels.

Attack Detection & Prevention

In technologically advanced era, when all major tasks have become digital; cyber threats have become common. Attack Detection is not just enough to keep the cyber infrastructure secure, but prior prevention is also necessary. It can be categorized into various segments that includes Invasion detection, Anomaly detection and Misuse detection.

The intend of attack can be different, some occur to gather information while some may occur with the aim to harm,compromise or disable the network or associated resources. Once the attack is detected, actions are made to manage and prevent it initially via firewall reconfiguration or discontinue network connectivity.

Verito Technologies uses expert supervision, cloud based technology and approved strategies to prevent attacks that can compromise data security and integrity. The real worth of Cloud plays a vital role in this context as the threats are detected, managed and prevented rapidly using latest attack detection and prevention practices.

  • Centralized management across various units
  • Adaptability to technological variations
  • Reliable and consistent user experience
  • Capabilities for expanded geographical reach
  • Sensitivity to complex and critical networks
  • Performance management across multiple channels
  • Network transformation, transition and management

Vulnerability Management

With the growth of Servers, laptops, smartphones, tablets and desktops, the volume of users accessing particular information has grown to a remarkable extent. This gives rise to occurrence of vulnerabilities and calls upon the need to implement advanced methods to manage the same rather than digging through the traditional vulnerability management tricks.

Today, the most common question in cyber security, every business struggling to answer is that: What is my exposure to risk and how can I handle vulnerability?

Verito Technologies help you reduce vulnerabilities using Threat Intelligence and Global Service Platform. With our Cloud based Vulnerability Management Platform, we aim towards securing the full array of assets in current IT environment. Built on leading Cloud security platform, Verito Technologies' Vulnerability Management frees you from resource and deployment issues that arises with time.

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Managed Security Testing

We constantly analyze your network with the purpose of revealing your vulnerabilities to external attacks so that we can alert you about the risks involved in your infrastructure.

Managed Web Application Firewall

Verito helps protecting your web infrastructure as it incorporates crucial information about credit/ debit cards and personal data and is susceptible to hackers.

Database & Big Data Scanning

Get automated data scanning via standard and authorized techniques for complete security and compliance and prevent your database against external access, risks and threats.

Security and Compliance Solutions- Architecture & Deployment

Full Security life cycle covers complete set of solutions that include security and compliance investment; risk detection; strengthen security infrastructure; and much more. At Verito, we design, configure and implement best suitable solutions to resolve persisting security challenges and prevent the same in future.

All the services are delivered through trained and certified industry experts with years of experience in similar arena. From the initial period of security and compliance solutions deployment to the operation period of the technology, we constantly track your infrastructure to detect various risks and thereafter remedies are applied accordingly.

We accurately and efficiently scans your infrastructure for vulnerabilities. Using latest technologies such as Patch impact predictions and trend analysis, we identify major risks to the business; then our experts will prepare customized reports, documentation, and appropriate solutions are deployed.

Verito have the experience and expertise that ensures the design, configuration and deployment of right solutions. Not only we aim at resolving the security challenges, but also we continuously work to reduce security risks and strengthen the infrastructure to make Cloud a better experience for businesses.

Compliance- A Continuous Process that Impacts & Controls All Aspects of Business

Every organization has a comprehensive security program and your business too have enforces several internal policies, regulatory mandates, procedures, standards and strategies. With constantly sprouting mandates, industry specific practices and emerging IT complexities, business need an agile, flexible, controllable and scalable cloud- based environment.

In any small, mid or large business organization, managing compliance to internal and external control requirements is complex and mission critical. We assist you in reducing the increasing burden of compliance management through advanced and latest technology implementation. Businesses struggles with the volume, frequency and velocity of constant regulatory change; this is where Verito Technologies comes into action to prevent your company deploy manual efforts and operations each year.

Verito's Compliance Monitoring solutions simplify the complicated task of retrieving strategical and technical controls for risk detection, third party risk management, IT compliance and other general practices to make IT infrastructure secure. The comprehensive package of services are delivered from Verito Technologies, so business do not need to invest upon various solutions, maintenance or other management operations.

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Risk Assessment

By identifying the risk existing in your workplace, we allow you to work in an uninterrupted manner in a secure infrastructure and focus towards global expansion.

PCI Compliance

Verito PCI Compliant services help you protect credit/ debit card details and cardholder data stored on web to allow you host entire data and transactions securely.

PCI Compliance Validation

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) incorporates set of security standards for companies that accept, process and transmit credit card information.

Compliance Management

Verito's complete package of PCI Compliant solutions offer external vulnerability scanning, breach protection, penetration testing and much more to protect crucial data.

Security Awareness Education

Verito Technologies Security Awareness Education program helps employees understand security and network vulnerabilities to protect the business from external risks.

Secure Development Training

Comprehensive training program for developers, designers and IT engineers to minimize network risks and cybercrime threats and keep the business ahead of hackers.