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Verito FAQs


Moving to the Cloud is a breeze. Setup times depend on your requirements and your existing infrastructure, but we can get your instance set up the same day. Your migration depends on your internet speed and total data size but typically takes under 24 hours.

Yes! Our team of Hosting specialists will stand by you every step of the way and handle every aspect of migrating to our platform. The best part is how little you'll need to do to get started!

You will need to download the Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to access the Verito Cloud, but this is a small application that's available for all devices.

All you need is the RDP software on your new device (there is an application for this for every device). You can find this software in our support portal, in the initial setup email, or reach out to one of our technicians who will be happy to provide it.

We host all types of accounting & tax software, including but not limited to:




Drake Accounting








As well as all kinds of Practice and document management software.

Yes, since Verito cloud is a Windows terminal server environment, you can host all types of windows based applications.

Our 24/7 expert technicians will take care of all updates and upgrades for you.

All of our client's instances are set up on a dedicated server. What this means for you is more customizability, constant uptime, and faster access speeds. 

The Verito cloud is fully scalable. Adding users or programs is a breeze with our expert technicians. With no contract obligation for additional users, it's easy to add users for tax season and remove them afterward, so you no longer have to pay for them.


Moving files from your computer to your Verito Cloud is quite easy. Drag and drop files and folders - just like moving files around on your personal computer.

Printing from the Verito cloud is as simple as printing from your local machine. You will be able to print from your Verito Instance as seamlessly as you do off your regular desktop.

Direct scanning is not supported natively on the Terminal server environment. There is an additional app called TSScan that will enable you to scan to your server with a TWAIN-compliant scanner. Alternatively, you can scan to your local computer and drag/drop it to your server. 

Yes, we have you covered. With Verito, it's easy to access your software from anywhere. We have free mobile apps available for the iPad, tablet, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and Windows Mobile devices.

Yes. Multiple users can work on the same file at the same time from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection. Verito's QuickBooks hosting makes collaboration and training a snap.

No. You can host an unlimited number of company files.

You can have as many users as you would like with different access levels depending on your needs.

Yes, we support multiple monitors by default from our servers. 

You can add as many users as you require and set them up with different permission levels depending on the access they need. This setup process is easy and fully customizable for your needs.

We recommend that you have a high-speed internet connection as you will be doing all of your work online. The actual hardware requirements are very low. As long as you can download the Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and have a decent internet connection, we'll take care of the rest.

Yes, your cloud server has unrestricted global access.


You can reach the support team via our toll-free number, email, or by creating a support ticket on Verito’s support portal.


Our data centers are located in Chicago and Ashburn, VA Verito data-centers are strategically placed in tier 4 locations, ensuring maximum uptime and performance.

Automatic backup is a crucial advantage of putting your accounting/tax applications in the Cloud. Backups are done nightly and retained for 30 days. These backups are stored in a physically separate data center to provide 100% redundancy.

We upload multiple snapshots of your virtual desktop to our backup center throughout the day and fully back up the virtual desktop at the end of every day. We've got your back when it comes to data security.

Yes, we offer 2FA as an optional add-on. Once you opt for 2FA, you can download the app to your cell phone. Using the app, you can verify the code sent to your phone via the app, text, or even push notification.

You are the owner of your data, and in case of cancelation, we will help you migrate all of your data back to your local machine. Once you have verified the restored data, we will completely delete your server within seven days.


Unfortunately not, you can create a manual bank transfer to our bank account.

Yes, after your first payment, we will automatically debit your card for future payments.

Yes, you can log in to Verito’s support portal where you can view and download all of your past and current invoices.

If you add a component or upgrade any part in your current subscription, we will debit your card on file on a prorated basis for that billing cycle. If you remove or downgrade any component, we will delete that component from your next billing.

You can either logon to the Verito Support portal and edit your card information yourself, or talk to our billing team over the phone and they’ll help you make that change.

At Verito, we offer application hosting solutions to fulfill your needs, now and in the future.

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