SharePoint Database Support

Database is one of the most critical components of a SharePoint server as it stores all mission-critical information and you need expert Microsoft SharePoint support services to effectively manage your data

  • Expertise with all major database applications
  • Plan and create database schema and users
  • Experience with large and complex databases
  • Ensure overall SharePoint database health and functionality

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Microsoft SharePoint Database Administrator


If your SharePoint database has any issues, our SharePoint help is always ready to fix them. Hire SharePoint DBA to monitor the database for performance and operational issues and solve them right away.

Data safety

As all data is stored in the database, our qualified SharePoint DBA perform regular backup of the database and restore the data if your database gets corrupted or you lose any data due to system failure or accidental deletion.

Database design

Our expert SharePoint support DBA design a database for you from scratch keeping your requirements in mind. When the database is deployed and its operational, they manage your data and metadata.

SharePoint Database Administrator Skills and Responsibilities

  • Hands-on experience on all major database applications, including SQL Server, Oracle Database, and MySQL.
  • Single server and remote server deployment
  • Automating server deployment and configuration
  • Configuring multiple SharePoint environments
  • Deployment of multiple host names and server farms
  • Database clustering and replication for highest data security
  • Setting up logs and traces to troubleshoot database issues
  • Configuring High Availability and monitoring databases for any issues
  • Performing database upgrades and migration, without losing data or services
  • Database performance tuning to ensure optimum use of database resources
  • Managing database environment, including creation and monitoring of site databases
  • Creating and configuring virtual servers for data replication and performance optimization