Sage 100 ERP Cloud Hosting

Sage 100 ERP Hosting is a viable option for small to large Business setups due to numerous benefits it offers including easy installation, reduced cost of ownership, anytime and anywhere access and higher performance. Secure infrastructure is an essential component of Cloud computing as every Business wants to safeguard data against external risks.

When hosted with Verito , you will get additional benefits of automatic upgrades and installations; extended support services; integration to latest add-ons, plug-ins and Business applications; uninterrupted functionality and much more. Real-time collaboration results in quick and efficient task completion.

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Hosted Sage 100 ERP Software

End-to-End Encryption

Highly secure Cloud infrastructure is strengthened with encrypted algorithms to protect your Business data and crucial information from unauthorized access.

Improved Performance

Boost your Business productivity by improving the performance of employees with Sage 100 ERP online framework available round the clock.

24*7 Availability

Regardless of your location, hosted Sage 100 Cloud application is just a click away to help you resume uninterrupted accounting tasks.

Data Management

We regularly backup Sage 100 application to keep your data secure. Data is managed in an organized manner on Server and all corresponding operations are done flawlessly.

All-Inclusive Services

Experts at Verito aims at providing complete hosting solutions right from data backups to data transfers and account maintenance to technical support.

Premium Support

If you have any queries related to Sage 100 on Cloud, you can contact our IT support executives through various communication channels including email, chat or phones.

Zero IT Cost

Sage 100 hosting services with Verito delivers complete set of solutions and organizations are not required to hire in-house IT professionals..

Improved Business Health

Sage 100 ERP hosted with Verito acts as a comprehensive Business manager that connects employees, accomplish tasks automatically and help Business gain heights.


Sage 100 is a robust platform for any business set-up as it helps manage growth through scaling various tasks with ease. Cloud hosted Sage 100 ERP offers extensive features as anytime and anywhere access to accounting data from any device as well as multiple operating systems makes connectivity easier in multi-user environment. This results in speeding up various business operations to a remarkable extent.

  • Sage 100-Standard: File server edition recommended by CPAs
  • Sage 100- Advanced: Client Server edition
  • Sage 100- Premium: Integrates Microsoft SQL Server features
  • User centric interface with custom features
  • Easy inventory management and tracking
  • Real time tracking of work progress
  • Real time detail delivery to clients
  • Reduce incidents of double entry
  • Integrates key performance indicators
  • Automated payroll and secure credit card processing
  • Automated purchase and controls as per business production