Public Cloud Hosting Server

Verito is one of the leading public cloud providers that offer you stable and reliable public cloud services for your organization. Our public cloud storage solutions are designed to scale up and scale down as per your specific Business requirements. You can manage all the services using our self-management portal.

  • Optimized technology infrastructure
  • Complete admin and user control of services
  • High performance and scalable public cloud storage
  • Continuous cloud monitoring and maintenance for uninterrupted services

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Public Cloud Computing Service

On-demand resource allocation

Our virtual tools let create virtual machines instantly to meet additional requirements, for specific workload handling or for new employees. Public cloud computing tools are available for all departments, including IT, admin, HR, and sales.

Complete system and data security

Our multi-layer network architecture creates robust infrastructure with customized firewalls to make sure your significant data is totally safe. Public cloud storage servers are equipped with advanced load balancing techniques to ensure maximum performance.

Advanced storage hardware

We use the most advanced NAS and SAN public cloud storage hardware to provide you the best performance and stability. You can scale your infrastructure as and when you require additional storage or resources.

Benefits of Public Cloud Services

Leading enterprises use Verito’s public cloud computing solutions to stay ahead in Business.

  • Maximum uptime with highly available and stable cloud infrastructure
  • Flexible data storage options with easily customizable public cloud storage plans
  • Easy system and network provisioning with interactive graphical user interface
  • Powerful system monitoring, logging, and reporting options for easy understanding and troubleshooting
  • Convenient, flexible, and customizable payment options for all sizes of Business organizations
  • Highly optimized network infrastructure with most advanced network equipment and security policies
  • System tracing and event logging to easily detect system issues and instantly fix them
  • Live technical support and security consulting to help you with every phase in your Business