Private Cloud Hosting Server

Verito provides managed private cloud services to address your performance and workload needs for all your significant Business applications, including data servers, email servers, and application servers. We implement highest level of data security to keep your valuable data safe and invulnerable.

  • Private cloud for all your workload needs
  • All Business applications in one place
  • All Business applications in one place
  • Dedicated and fully managed private cloud computing services

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Private Cloud Computing Service

Optimized infrastructure

We use the most advanced system and network hardware resources to create optimized server and network infrastructure. Our private cloud servers provide best performance with complete data safety.

Dynamic resource deployment

You can opt for a private cloud plan based on your current requirements and then you can scale the systems as you need. We allow you to dynamically add new resources whenever you need more storage, bandwidth, or high performance.

Round the clock technical support

We have a team of skilled and experienced technical support professionals and security experts to help you resolve any technical issues. Our private cloud computing services support is always available through chat, phone, email, or online service request.

Benefits of Private Cloud Services

Verito’s private cloud solutions are stable and reliable, which makes them the right choice for your organization.

  • Advanced network and system hardware for optimized performance
  • Secure network and physical separation for high availability
  • Automated backup and restore functionality to ensure optimal data safety
  • Deploy resources on the fly to scale your infrastructure or add new services
  • Fully managed services with control to your administrators for easy management
  • Best-in-class storage area network (SAN) and network area storage (SAN) resources
  • Fully compliant with most cloud compliance and regulations, including HIPAA and PCI
  • Continuous system and network monitoring to detect and fix any system or security issues