Microsoft SQL Server Hosting

We provide you the complete Microsoft SQL Server hosting and management solutions to create an infrastructure that is stable and can be scaled instantly. Our Microsoft SQL database solutions include highly optimized configuration that give a great boost to your Business performance.

  • Optimized SQL Server database configuration
  • Stable infrastructure with high-availability servers
  • Dedicated and expert administrator and DBA support
  • Complete administrative control on the database infrastructure

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Microsoft SQL Database Solutions

Cutting edge technology

We use of the most recent versions of the operating systems, running on enterprise level CPUs to make sure you get the best of the resources for your Business.

Complete admin control

You get complete control of Microsoft SQL server hosting and can customize the resources as per your requirements. We are here to help you with all your queries and issues.

Dynamic scaling

We can add CPUs as per your requirements without getting the servers down for maintenance. All your data and resources are still accessible and you get power of new hardware resources.

High speed network

Our Microsoft SQL database solutions are accessible through secure and reliable high speed network. We have fully redundant infrastructure to ensure the servers never face any downtime.

Access to all database features and applications

Our feature-rich Microsoft SQL server hosting solutions provide access to all the database features and functions to perform most critical and complex database operations.

Features of Microsoft SQL Server Hosting and Management

Hosted SQL Server applications and database gives you unmatched performance and stability. You can access your valuable data securely from anywhere in the world. For a complete list of SQL server hosting features.

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Expert advise to help you make correct choices. Our consultation process is very quick and simple.

  • Plan a meeting per your convenience
  • Provide us your requirements
  • We will create a plan for you
  • Customize the plan, if required
  • Start the deployment, when approved
  • Provide demonstration and control