Managed Network Services

Network Performance Management

One of the vital resources for secure information exchange is the effective management of logical and physical network infrastructure. A proficient and well-managed network infrastructure plays an important role in enhancing customer experience and scaling your business.

Why choose Verito for Managed Network Services?

Managed Network Service Benefits at Verito


24X7 monitoring of your mission critical network infrastructure


Reduced capital expenditure on networks, with customizable, scalable solutions


High-end data backup and security for continuous availability

Data Center Transformation and Management Voice and Video Management Contact Center Management
Datacenter Network Management, which includes datacenter switching and fabric solutions Unified Communication Management, which includes handling IP Telephony Services Proactive Contact Management, which includes contact optimization
Application delivery controller management Collaboration Traditional Telephony management, which includes managing TDM and Integration-Voice Mail services Outbound Calling Contact Center Infrastructure management, which includes voice portal and fax on demand services
IP address management Call Routing Video Conferencing management, which includes managing Tele Presence, Video Bridge Devices, and Room based V-con equipment
Virtualized Network Infrastructure management
LAN and Wireless LAN management

Managed Network Services

Organizations need a robust network infrastructure to focus on agility, scalability, and global growth of their businesses. Managed Network Services provides a comprehensive and efficient network infrastructure management package that involves: