Managed IT Services

  • Hardware Issues – Configuration problems on managed or unmanaged applications.
  • Denial of Service – Ongoing DDoS attacks
  • Network Issues – Data packet loss, high ping time or network issues.
  • Under Optimization – System is not operational and 100% efficient
  • Inaccesasible Equipment – Accessibility issues due to outage and surges

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IT Monitoring Services

Performance Tracking

View performance stats, metrics and updated trends regularly.

Alerts & Warnings

Our Network Operations Center reviews and responds to notifications and alerts.

Wide Compatibility

Supports extensive variety of add-ons, software, plug-ins, and business applications.

Constant Monitoring

Intelligent monitoring of network, infrastructure, hardware and software from experts.

what include in Managed IT Monitoring Services

  • Full Monitoring:- Our expert monitors the entire infrastructure including all hardware and software components. This includes Servers, routers, switches, SAN, firewalls, NAS, routers, application servers, web servers, database servers, VMs, load balancers, operating systems, CPU, storage performance, memory usage, disk I/O, fan speed and much more.
  • Expert Remediation:- Based on the intensity of the alert, our onsite Network Operations Center, network administrators or system admins performs remediation.
  • Active Discovery Mode:- The hardware equipment and solutions such as routers, switches, WAN, databases, IP address, firewalls, load balancers, Servers are monitored at regular intervals of time.
  • Escalation Plans:- Our Onsite Network Operations Center monitor, analyze and processes alerts as well as executes appropriate plans and procedures accordingly.