Linux Infrastructure Management Services

Verito provides reliable and stable Linux infrastructure services to host your Linux operating system and other open source software. Our Linux infrastructure management services also include live technical support and security consulting to make sure all your issues are resolved promptly and your critical data is always safe.

We also provide customized Linux infrastructure management services to meet your specific Business requirements. Our range of services include deployment, system integration, custom development, and remote system administration. With our best in class services, you can focus on your Business, without worrying about system performance and security. Our list of applications that you can host include MySQL database, Postfix, Apache, and other Unix-based operating systems.

  • Remote Linux server administration
  • Cost effective infrastructure and deployment
  • Performance enhancement and system monitoring
  • Round the clock technical support and security consulting

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Linux Infrastructure Consulting Services


  • Linux servers for multiple applications, including database, email, or file
  • RAID and NFS storage options to meet advanced storage requirements
  • Database hosting for all popular database management systems, including MySQL
  • Remote server administration and system maintenance and patching
  • Continuous system monitoring to ensure complete security and data safety
  • Custom application development for your system for specific Business needs
  • High bandwidth servers with multiple service and support plans
  • On-demand service upgrade and migration without losing services and data
  • Email services with highly secure email servers that use advanced anti-malware tools
  • Complete and periodic data backup and restore solutions to safeguard your data against data loss scenarios


  • Firewall solutions for Linux operating system as proxy servers for web, file transfer, and emails
  • Automated backup and restoration using Perl and Shell scripts
  • ISDN and modem dial-in solutions with Linux operating system
  • Open source database solutions, including MySQL, IBM DB/2, and PostgreSQL
  • Email servers for safe mail communication,including Postfix, POP3, IMAP, Qmail, and sendmail
  • Web technologies and hosted web server solutions,including Samba, Apache, JSP, and Servlets
  • File transfer and file storage solutions with FTP, NFS, LDAP, and OpenLDAP
  • DHCP client and server solutions
  • Network File System or NFS server hosting and configuration