Data Disaster Recovery Services

For a Ceaseless Business Growth

Even highly advanced technology is subject to vulnerability. Sometimes unfavorable events in the network or within a local physical infrastructure can cause irrevocable damage for which you should always be prepared. Data disaster recovery services offer multi-site replication provision to secure your data on remote server along with your primary server being connected via Cloud.

Why Choose Verito for Data Disaster Recovery Services

Data Center Disaster Recovery Plan At Verito

Custom-define SLAs

You can leverage completely customized disaster recovery as a service according to your own terms and depending upon your business requirement

Seamless Replication Assured

Filters are created in the Cloud over the network communication channel between primary and remote server to promote seamless replication and avoid unwarranted noise

Expert Assistance

We extend 24/7 technical and functional support for all your issues irrespective of the scale of your infrastructure


Employ disaster recovery services to tackle unwarranted events causing data loss; or corrupting your data. You can relax and experience uninterrupted workflow and leave your concerns of data recovery to the disaster recovery service provider. These services will include real time monitoring, testing & reporting capabilities providing instant DR solutions.

Comprehensive Solution

Our reliable & comprehensive disaster recovery solution can be deployed quickly and remotely with facility for anytime testing & validation.