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Your Old Friend Peachtree Accounting is Sage 50 Accounting

Peachtree has been one of the most trusted accounting software for organizations. The user-friendly interface is what helps the professionals work on this software. After thirty-five years, Peachtree has finally said goodbye! Why? The software has adapted a new name Sage 50 Accounting.

Not much has changed in the software except for the name. Having said, there is no doubt that Sage 50 is more dynamic and user-friendly accounting software. You can now access the data from anywhere, manage payroll system, and do much more with Sage 50 accounting software. It ensures a smooth and accurate flow of finances.

Sage 50 accounting comes in three different versions. You can choose the one that suits your business model the best.

  1. Sage 50 Pro Accounting – The most basic version, Sage 50 Pro lets you manage bills, pay bills, manage cash flow and costs.
  2. Sage 50 Premium Accounting – This version allows you to track inventory, manage jobs, and manage users too.
  3. Sage 50 Quantum Accounting – Get Sage 50 Quantum for faster processing of information. Plus, you can add up to 40 users.

Focused at small- to mid-sized businesses, Sage 50 ensures that it helps the businesses grow. The software is easy to use and implement. Easy on pockets, Sage 50 accounting software is quite popular among the employees. Users can work on Sage 50 accounting software simultaneously. Opting for Sage 50 Accounting software save money and time of users. Plus, Sage 50 accounting software eliminates the need of entering data manually.

There are quite a few changes that the users of new accounting software, Sage 50, are really happy. Let us take a look at some of them:

  1. Sage 50, formerly Peachtree, has introduced a new way of entering figures. A user can now enter 14 digits before and 5 digits after accounting software. Thus, data from any currency can be added.
  2. The new Sage E-Marketing integrated feature helps users to share updates on social media accounts easily.
  3. No need to change the accounting period to reconcile data from previous periods.
  4. The vendor screen features an Insurance Tab.
  5. With an option to inactive the not-so-useful customers, Sage 50 ensures easy segregation of data files. You can inactive the customers who do not work with you anymore or do not wish to use your services anymore.

Sage 50 brings in the user-friendliness of the 21st century. The users can easily analyze, read, and edit accounting data in excel files. Sage 50 aims at improving efficiency and productivity of your business. Another, good update in Sage 50 is waste-free printing. The software now allows users to print remittances on a white paper.

Why the name change?

According to the company Sage, the accounting software Sage 50 has not changed a bit when it comes to user-friendliness. It simplifies the process of analyzing capital flow. Sage wanted to keep all their products under the same name to help their customers relate to their brand. This step also streamlined the delivery support system.

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