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Top 8 Features of QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Plus 2017

QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Plus 2017 is a powerful accountant software. Time-saving features of the tool make it easier for you to carry out tasks. With QuickBooks Accountant 2017, you can delete or void transactions in bulk. Integrated Bill Tracker in the tool allows you to track all the vendor-related bills easily and quickly.

Verito tells you 8 new features of the QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Plus 2017 that makes the tool a must-have in accounting firms:

  1. Access client’s Quickbooks pro hosting or Premier software toolbox
  • Allows you to write multiple invoices on a single screen
  • Enter batches and reclassify transactions
  • Allows to fix incorrect sales tax payment entries

    2. Delete or Void Transactions in Bulk

  • Filter option helps to find and select options to delete or void
  • The software also allows you to if other transactions are linked to the entry that you want to delete or modify
  • Built-in backup facility safeguards data all the time

    3.Manage Bills easily with Bill Tracker

  • Track overdue bill payments
  • You can see all the vendor bills in a single window
  • Immediately sort and take actions on all the open items

    4.Anywhere anytime Access

  • You can access QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Plus 2017 at your client’s office as well
  • Hosted QuickBooks offers easy and safe access to files
  • It can also be accessed from a remote location

    5.Insights available on the Home Page

  • No need to run reports to take a look at the insights
  • Information like profit and loss, income, and expenses available at one glance
  • You can also compare previous year sales and income reports for better analysis

    6.Work on Multiple Company files at a Time

  • Multiple instances can be handled
  • Easily respond to your client’s queries
  • No need to close your file when working with your client

    7.More than one user has the Access to Files

  • Easily work on your client’s files when he is working on it too
  • Client works in current period
  • You can edit and merge data from previous files

    8.Transfer of Portable Files

  • QuickBooks Accountant 2017 allows clients to send their files directly
  • Portable file is available for editing and checking
  • When clients have doubts, they can send the portable file to you
  • Saves the hassle of explaining and troubleshooting over the phone

The software helps you solve the queries of your clients in an easier and faster manner. It is better to work on the QuickBooks Accountant Plus 2017 software than on account balance sheets. Spend lesser time on everyday tasks. Plus, it increases the work efficiency. With the accounting tool, you do not have to close one file to work on the other one.

Customize the screen view to view only those columns that you want to work on. In addition, the tool allows you to copy transactions to the excel file so that you do not make errors while typing the data manually in the sheets.

QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Plus 2017 works well with Internet Explorer 11. Host the software on the cloud with Verito Technologies for enhanced benefits and features.