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Top 10 Add-ons for your QuickBooks Software

QuickBooks is one of the most implemented accounting tools in the industry. This Intuit software comes with an array of features to make your accounting tasks a breeze. Ideal for small- to mid-size businesses, QuickBooks offers easy-to-use, customizable features.

QuickBooks by Intuit can be accessed online from anywhere. You can go for Hosted Quickbooks and get real-time insights. QuickBooks software by Intuit is an efficient accounting tool, which helps you improve, track and monitor accounting tasks. Did you know with certain add-ons you could enhance the performance of the software? Get more out of this accounting software as you integrate certain add-ons.

So why do you need add-ons? QuickBooks is undoubtedly one of the best accounting tools but it has some limitations too. Each business has unique requirements and integrating add-ons to your accounting software ensures that your business needs are met.

Verito has compiled a list of top 10 add-ons for you that you can integrate with the software and get the best out of your business.

  1. works well with QuickBooks accounting software. It helps you pay and approve bills electronically in really less time. gets integrated with QuickBooks allowing you to keep a track of all the payments received and sent. Payment updates are reconciled and reflected everywhere, saving you the hassle of updating the information manually. Plus, via, you can receive payments from credit cards and ACH.

  1. Tsheets

If you care about your employees then this is a must add-on for QuickBooks. This is an easy-to-use tracker is like a virtual punch machine that helps your employees log time from anywhere. It helps you track the time sheets of your employees, schedule shifts, manage payroll and more.

  1. Xpenditure

Integrate Xpenditure with Intuit QuickBooks and manage your expense reports seamlessly. Simply click a picture of your invoices and let Xpenditure extract the important information. Xpenditure for QuickBooks helps you track billable hours, project budgets, daily allowances and more. In addition, your employees can also submit invoices for approval from the accounts team.

  1. Method CRM

The CRM for QuickBooks, this is a must-have add-on for your accounting tool. It helps you manage and simplify the workflow. Its easy-to-customize interface lets you access all the data at one place. Right from customer profile to financial data, you can access all the information at your fingertips. Method CRM for QuickBooks offers you a free trial.

  1. Bill & Pay

Integrate Bill & Pay with QuickBooks and get a complete invoicing solution. This add-on helps you keep an update on payments received and made. In addition, Bill & Pay send you email reminders for recurring payments.

  1. Data Transfer Utility

Date transfer utility allows you to transfer data from one QuickBooks file to another. You can transfer files from QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Pro or Premier. It helps you to easily audit, transfer, merge and edit the files.

  1. Fundbox

Improve your cash flow with Fundbox. Integrate it with QuickBooks and manage your invoices and payments smoothly. When a customer creates an account on Fundbox, it syncs with QuickBooks accounting tool and gathers all the outstanding invoices. The outstanding amount is transferred to the customer’s account, ensuring smooth cash flow.

  1. Transaction Pro Importer

It is an easy way to manage all your accounting files. Some of the accounting data may be saved in excel worksheets or text files, which makes it unusable. To ensure that all your data stays in one place, Transaction Pro Importer is the best add-on. You can also edit the imported files.

  1. Tax Planner Pro

Integrate Tax Planner Pro with QuickBooks software and easily plan taxes. The easy-to-use interface of the solution makes it user-friendly. Once integrated with QuickBooks, Tax Planner Pro syncs data every week.

  1. AuditMyBooks

AuditMyBooks for QuickBooks is one of the essential security solutions for your accounting tool. It scans the QuickBooks files monthly and eliminates tax-related errors and frauds. In addition, it saves your data from cyber threats.

QuickBooks comes with amazing, user-friendly features but integrating some add-ons ensure better functionality. You can choose the best QuickBooks add-ons according to your business requirements and get the most out of your business.