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Sage 100 ERP Accounting Software

Sage 100 accounting software helps small and medium business setups grow efficiently. Easy and customizable, the software can be integrated with your systems at an affordable price. You can manage inventory, finances, and employee payroll with the Sage 100 accounting software.

The feature-rich accounting software helps increase productivity too.

Overview Sage 100 ERP

Sage 100 is a complete financial management system that helps you take care of your inventories, manage orders, profits, and employees. It is not as expensive as an ERP system but provides all the beneficial features and more than an ERP software does. An ideal choice for small to medium business setups, Sage 100 accounting software offers business insights as and when you need.

Budget and plan your business finances for long-term profitability. Sage 100 helps you to streamline processes by eliminating redundancy of data, maintain accounts and bill collection data, and providing monthly and yearly finance reports according to your need. Sage 100 helps you not only to manage finances but do much more than just account management. It ensures your business stay in compliance and also customize reports for better efficiency.

Take a look at the top 5 features of Sage 100 Accounting Software:

  1. Manage Finances Seamlessly

It helps you improve budget planning by streamlining invoices and bills. Sage 100 helps eliminate double entry and errors in files. The software can be upgraded with changes, ensuring smooth growth of your business.

  1. Manage Inventory, distribution, and manufacturing

Track the progress of work in real time, manage bills, and automate purchasing controls with Sage 100 accounting software. Plus, it forecasts inventory quite accurately.

  1. Manage Orders and Sales

Sage 100 helps you analyze and maintain inventory, which in turn helps you deliver orders to your clients on time. Your customers can collaborate and deliver better productivity.

  1. Manage your Employees Efficiently

Make sure you keep your employees happy with Sage 100. It helps you to pay them on time and accurately. Additionally, the software helps you handle compensation. You can add Sage HRMS to handle recruitment, analytic, and employee performance.

  1. Get Business Insights Anytime

Handle workflow better with regular updates and alerts. It offers you business insights anytime you want so that you can get real-time reports of critical KPIs.

Benefits of Hosting Sage 100 with Verito

Hosting Sage 100 opens up many possibilities. You and your employees can access data anytime and anywhere. It is easier to take a backup of files and maintain security. Plus, it becomes easier for employees to collaborate and work from remote locations.

Verito Technologies offer application hosting to the clients. Hosting Sage 100 with Verito can offer you a lot of benefits, some of them are listed below:

  1. Zero IT Cost

No need to hire in-house IT team to maintain and organize your IT infrastructure. Verito offers you a hosting solution complete solution.

  1. Easy Data Management

Regular backup of data is taken on the servers. Plus, data on the cloud is stored in a very organized manner so all the operations are carried out flawlessly.

  1. 24*7 Support

The team at Verito is always there to help you with your queries. No matter what your location is, our team ensures complete support.

  1. Better Data Security

Verito ensures that your data is stored securely on the cloud. Data is strengthened with encrypted algorithms to protect information and unauthorized access to the data.

Sage 100 ERP hosting with Verito includes:

  1. Sage 100 Standard – File server edition
  2. Sage 100 Advanced – Client server edition
  3. Sage 100 Premium – Integrates Microsoft SQL Server features

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