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How to Inactive Multiple Customers in QuickBooks Software?

Small to medium business models expect more client interaction than others. For you every customer is important but after a point, the data starts looking too much to handle. There might be some customers who have not made any purchase for last few years. You might also come across one-time customers, who do not have any other business requirements that are related to your services.

Cleaning up your customer list in QuickBooks can be a taxing task at times. There are times when you feel that few customers are not required to be in your database anymore. Such customers can be the ones that required your services only once. You might also want to remove the ones that have not taken any of your services for a long time.

You can easily free some database space by deleting the customers in QuickBooks. When going for such an activity, you might come across two kinds of scenarios.

A) A customer is not related to any of the tasks or transactions and thus can easily be deleted from the database easily.

B)A customer is associated with some transaction and cannot be deleted. QuickBooks does not allow to delete such entries and gives the message “This name has been used in transactions. Cannot be deleted”. In such a case all you can do is make the customer inactive.

Steps to do mass inactivation in QuickBooks Accounting Software

In case you want to delete the customers, it is quite an easy method. Simply do it from the customer center. Click on customers and jobs, select the one you want to delete.

What if you have a big list of customers that are no longer relevant to you? In such a scenario, you need to follow some different set of steps. Inactivating customers one by one is a lengthy process, mass inactivation process saves both time and efforts.

There are two common ways of inactivating customers from QuickBooks accounting software. Click on customer center or go to Add/Edit Multiple List Entries and inactive the members who have not made any recent purchase. This mentioned step can be a little difficult as none of the options, multiple list entries or customer center, allow you to apply filters on data. For such a scenario, it is better to use an excel file. You can extract all the data to excel, apply filters and change status from active to not active. Once done, export the file back to QuickBooks database.

There is another, more efficient method of inactivating the customers in a single go. You can use the QuickBooks utilities. The data transfer utility works with Quickbooks Pro cloud hosting, Premier and Enterprise versions. You can choose the one that has an option to inactive the customers. It is advisable to take a backup of all the data files before running any utility software on the database.

QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software that offers multiple features and benefits. You can find a variety of utility software for QuickBooks.