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How Secure is Data on Accounting Cloud?

Cloud accounting is gaining popularity on a large scale.Hosting accounting applications on the cloud is a smart step that many organizations are taking these days. Hosting accounting applications like QuickBooks, Sage, and Xpenditure helps companies to access data anytime anywhere. Application hosting also offers effortless scalability, versatility, and enhanced data security.

Having said that, a constant concern of business owners is that their accounting data might be at risk when hosted in the cloud. Let us take a look at how is it to host your accounting data on the cloud.

Benefits of Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting is quite beneficial for small- to mid-business setups. Some of the advantages are listed below:

1. Privacy: Hosting providers allow companies to access their accounting data securely anywhere in the world.

2. Transformation: With hosting providers, you get a high-performance IT setup. It reduces your effort of blogger training the infrastructure in-house.

3. Cost Efficiency – Hosting cloud for accounting services and other applications reduces the investment. You do not have to hire an in-house team for blogger tenancy and up-gradation of the software.

4. Scalability – It is easy to downsize or upsize the IT infrastructure at your company. Take help from the service provider and help them scale your business in a durable and secure environment.

5. Support – With an experienced team of professionals, hosting service providers like Verito ensure that you get 24/7 support.

Data Security in Accounting Hosting

There is no data recovery plan in place when you host your accounting software on a local PC. Disasters like fire, flood, and electrical surge can completely ruin your machines, resulting in permanent loss of important data.

When you host your data on the cloud, data is undoubtedly more secure. Accounting cloud model offers data access to only the authorized persons, which results in a decline of data theft. Regular data backups are taken to ensure that latest version of data files are retrieved. In addition, all the data stored on off-site servers is blogger trained in data centers.

Accounting Software Cloud Hosting prevents unauthorized access to bank accounts, keeping the accounting data safe. The authorized users can also keep a track of electronic reports to know who accessed what and when.

To bloggertain high standards, cloud service providers follow a strict set of controls that protect company’s data. You as a business owner can be assured of the standards by auditing the SOC (Service Organization Controls) report. This report includes details like infrastructure, nature of software, procedures, and data security measures.

Making sure a third party audits the service provider and data center is also very important. Other than that measures like data encryption, firewalls, security audits, and multi-user authentication should also be in place to ensure accounting data security on the cloud.

Things to keep in mind when choosing a Hosting Provider

As you choose a service provider or cloud vendor for your business, there are few points that you should keep in mind to ensure you get the best and most durable services.

1. A vendor with SSAE 16 certified data center ensures that it can withstand security threats.
2. The service provider should take necessary precautions to protect data and in case data is deleted/lost accidentally then the provider should have a provision to rectify the problem.
3. Round-the-clock support is very important when going for cloud accounting
4. A good vendor must be able to provide effortless scalability.
5. Downtime should be very rare. A good provider has good servers that rarely go offline, ensuring that data is hardly ever inaccessible.
6. A third-party audit is very important. It makes sure that all the systems are in place and compliant.
7. Regular data backup should also be provided.

Do not be afraid of getting your accounting on the cloud. Business on the cloud is one of the most efficient ways of functioning. Before you choose a hosting provider, it is always advisable that you investigate properly and then choose the best suitable vendor and cloud plan.

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