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A Guide to the FileMaker Cloud Hosting

FileMaker Cloud is a simple and an effective product that helps you to share apps and files with your employees in the cloud. It is currently available in the United States, Europe, Canada, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. FileMaker Cloud offers a secure connection. You can use FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go or FileMaker WebDirect for a reliable and secure sharing of information with your team. FileMaker Cloud runs on the Amazon Web Services Cloud, which is offered by AWS Marketplace.

What is the need of FileMaker Cloud Hosting?

It offers great performance and reliability. The resources and cost spent on the server maintenance are reduced by a considerable amount. Some of the advantages associated with the FileMaker Cloud are:

  • Low administrative costs
  • Low up-front costs
  • Fast deployment
  • Quick scalability whenever required

Who should deploy FileMaker Cloud?

We talked about the benefits of using FileMaker Cloud, but how to know if you should get FileMaker Cloud for your organization or not? Here are some simple points that will help you decide:

  • Expenditure: If you need to control or minimize the up-front costs on hardware then FileMaker Cloud is for you
  • Scalability: You need to scale-up or down your business to meet the seasonal needs
  • Administrative Resources: If your business lacks the administrative resources to manage the server then it is a good option to use FileMaker Cloud.
  • Data Security: Storing data on the cloud server ensures more security. Hosting data on the cloud saves the data loss caused by theft, virus attack, natural disaster, and voltage spikes.

What are the Benefits of FileMaker Cloud?

FileMaker Cloud offers an easy and affordable solution to manage your files on the cloud. It helps you run your custom apps smoothly and share data with team members. Some of the most important features of FileMaker Cloud are:

  • Easy to Setup: The hardware is easy to install and gets ready to run within minutes.
  • Network Security: FileMaker Cloud supports industry security standards SSL/TLS to provide the highest level of encryption. Plus, it comes with a 90-day trial SSL certificate.
  • Custom Dashboard: You get a dashboard view of the custom app performance. The custom dashboard provides you with:
    • A clean and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate.
    • Regular notifications regarding system performance, usage, and software updates.
    • AWS authentication system to ensure that users can sign in the admin console with their valid credentials.
    • An auto-maintenance system fine-tunes the system by restarting it during non-business hours so that the work continuity is never disturbed.
    • Regular automatic backups that save day-to-day files. This keeps the files safe at the server to ensure that data loss is reduced to the minimum. You can also take manual backups and create restore points.
  • Data configuration is done separately: FileMaker Cloud is separated from the FileMaker files. This makes the regular updates, software upgrades, and maintenance easier and faster.

The FileMaker platform consists of FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Go, FileMaker WebDirect, FileMaker Server, and FileMaker Cloud.

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