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Drake Tax Accounting Software – What and Why

Drake Tax Accounting Software offers ample of user-friendly features that help you prepare tax returns easily. The software saves your valuable time, allowing you to complete other important tasks conveniently. With Drake Tax software, you stay more productive. The built-in features allow you to analyze results and tax returns at a single click. Plus, you can integrate macros for data entry to enhance efficiency.

You can take easy backups of the client data. The backup can be restored to the existing system, a new system, or on the cloud. Add digital signature to the software for forms and bank applications. There are around 12 forms like W-4, W-7, 13844, and 2350 that can be printed in Spanish. Using Drake Tax Accounting Software, you can update previous year’s data to the current year.

It is an all-in-one tax accounting software that ensures that you do not need to buy any additional modules for your organization. It contains around 47 state packages, making it easier for you to prepare returns for multiple states. Drake Tax Accounting Software allows you to plan and analyze different scenarios. You can also suggest your clients how to save on taxes. A single view worksheet helps to analyze and compare taxes of multiple states. Review sheets are created with all your data available at a glance, including refund amount and e-file eligibility. Once the report is ready, you can convert it into PDF file to ensure that the data is not altered. Plus, note screens can also be added to the sheets.

Why do you need Drake Tax Accounting Software?

Convenience is the most appropriate answer to the question. The feature-enriched software ensures quick income tax processing and analyzing. Drake Tax Software covers many states to allow you record multi-state taxes. Some of the key features that make Drake Tax Accounting software a must-have for any organization are:

  • Benefit of individual or joint tax filing
  • Complete audit support
  • Precise loan and savings calculator
  • Hassle-free process of filing returns
  • E-file taxes
  • Quick Estimator shows return due in few clicks

How does Hosting Drake Tax Accounting Software Help Your Organization?

Verito Drake Tax Software Hosting provides you with the benefits of e-filing federal, state, and individual tax returns effectively. You do not have to buy any modules separately to host the software with Verito. Listed below are some of the advantages that hosting Drake Tax Accounting Software offers:

  1. Anytime Access to the data: When you host Drake Tax Accounting Software with a hosting provider, you can access your files anytime, anywhere. Use your device and get real-time updates.
  2. Security: Data on the cloud server is secured. You should verify with your hosting provider about the security measures. Verito ensures no unauthorized data access to your data.
  3. Round-the-clock Support: Ensure your service provider offers full technical support. At Verito Technologies, experienced technicians are just a call away. All your queries are resolved to the best results.
  4. Regular Data Backup: It is necessary that your service provider takes data backup at regular intervals. Verito ensures that the backup is always updated. This results in minimum chances of data loss in case of thefts, malware attack or natural calamity.
  5. A Cost-Effective Solution: Drake Tax Accounting Software hosting is cost effective too. You do not have to establish any infrastructure within the organization. Verito Technologies ensures that you do not pay a large amount of money for server maintenance, physical infrastructure, and support solutions.

Drake Tax Accounting Software is a smart choice for the professionals who want to save time analyzing and reporting taxes.

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