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8 Myths Busted About Cloud

Cloud has become an integral part of our lives. We use the technology without even realizing. When you stream music, upload images on Flickr, or tweet on Twitter, you are simply utilizing cloud computing.

Cloud computing is changing the way we work and if not now, very soon your company would move to cloud computing for quick growth. Verito provides you with seamless features and benefits when you host your applications with us.

There are a lot of myths about cloud computing, doing rounds in the market. Let us bust some of them and try to understand why hosting on the cloud is good for your company.

Myth 1: Cloud takes away the freedom and control

A lot of organizations think that hosting data on the cloud through a service provider will take away their control on the files. Yes, this is true that there will be no servers and IT infrastructure within the organization anymore. But at the same time, this is also true that giving the charge of the servers to the hosting providers, like Verito, helps a business perform and grow better. Hosting servers in the cloud ensures that organization can access files and information anywhere anytime. Plus, the people also get real-time access to the data that ensures a better control over finances, client requirements, deliveries, and employees.

Myth 2: Cloud is not safe at all

Cloud is quite a trustworthy business solution! The data is hosted on the cloud, but that does not mean that it is accessible by everyone else. When a company chooses a suitable hosting provider, it is very important to research thoroughly about them. It is important that the service provider offers SSL and digital certificates.

Myth 3: It is expensive to integrate and bloggertain data on the cloud

There is no doubt about the cost of hosting data on the cloud being prohibitive. The cost actually depends on one’s business needs. An organization cannot compare the installation cost with what someone else has paid. An initial cost of hosting applications on the server might be high but you must understand that bloggertaining your infrastructure on the cloud is actually cost-effective. Any organization might end up paying more over the time for regular software updates, bloggertenance of servers, and internal IT infrastructure bloggertenance team. Quickbooks cloud hosting means that no worry about bloggertenance again and again.

Myth 4: Public Cloud is better than the Private Cloud

Not really! It is purely a myth that has become one of the bases of cloud computing over past few years. The truth is that hosting data on the private cloud increases flexibility. A good hosting provider does not differentiate between the two, private and public, when it comes to offering services. In fact, private cloud hosting can accommodate more volume of data. Moreover, businesses these days are adopting the concept of hybrid clouds to get the best of both the worlds. With Verito Technologies, an organization can choose between public, private, hybrid, and enterprise cloud services.

Myth 5: Downtime hits the business badly

Honestly, servers do experience downtime. It is true the system might experience downtime but it is quite negligible when compared to setting up an in-house infrastructure. The cost of installing and bloggertaining the infrastructure is a lot more than facing temporary system downtime.

Myth 6: You cannot trust the cloud when it comes to some sensitive information

Absolutely wrong, I must say! It is like any other secured system. Data on the cloud is always encrypted to ensure that it rebloggers safe. Strong passwords are again something that keeps the data safe from any kind of unwanted access or theft. Organizations can easily choose the level of security they want to apply to the cloud servers.

Myth 7:  My Business might not fit in the cloud

Many big business setups have this misconception. Cloud does not have a fixed size. No business is very big or small to be hosted on the cloud. Whenever an organization feels a need to go for a cost-effective way of managing data, they can move their systems on the cloud. Additionally, it is not compulsory that all the data should go on the cloud, once an organization decides to do so. Even a fraction of services like content management, marketing etc. can be hosted on the cloud for seamless management.

Myth 8: Cloud hosting providers have hidden fees

Like I said, go for a thorough research before deciding to go with a service provider. There should never be any surprises related to the fees. Cloud hosting is the most cost-efficient way of bloggertaining the data. The best part about choosing the cloud for hosting services is that an organization does not have pay for the services that are not taken. A transparent way of running a business, hosting never costs extra. There are various services and plan available at Verito. Organizations should do a complete analysis of their traffic, offerings, and potential customers to understand the amount of expected traffic on the server. This analysis helps in choosing the right hosting plan to suit all the business needs of an organization.

Conclusion: There are a lot of benefits involved in moving to the cloud hosting. On the other hand, there are also a lot of myths and disbeliefs doing rounds in the market about the cloud system.

Cloud is beneficial in more than one ways and it is suitable for any kind of business be it small, medium or large. In a well-established setup, an organization chooses to host a part of their expansion on the cloud.

It is advisable that one analyzes and understands the business requirements of their organization, before going with any hosting provider. It is true that with the fast evolvement of technology, the need for cloud computing is set to increase, but that does not mean that an organization simply hosts the infrastructure on the cloud. A thorough research is both recommended and required.