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5 Ways IT Downtime Affects Your Business

The world is now more dependent on IT than ever. Organizations pay a huge cost to set up IT infrastructure within organizations. IT setups mostly include servers, hardware, and software pertaining to the nature of services an organization offers.

What most organizations do not consider is the probable downtime. It is believed that IT downtime will utmost cost few hours of productivity. If this is what you also think, then you are completely wrong. IT downtime can go on for hours and even the few minutes of “Your network could not be reached” stage can cost you huge money. Loss of customer’s trust, data failure, loss in productivity, and hardware bloggertenance are some of the additional and important factors that are affected by IT downtime.

Let us discuss in detail 5 things that are affected by IT downtime:

  1. Loss of Customer Trust

Everyone wants things to be executed quickly and same is the situation with your customers. If they are looking for a particular service or product that you offer, and the page does not load then it might affect in permanent loss of the customer. It does not matter if the downtime lasted for few minutes or hours, no one is patient enough to wait or revisit your site.

  1. Loss of Productivity

Downtime directly affects employee’s productivity. If you have an organization that primarily runs on the IT network then downtime of even few hours can cost you a lot. Imagine if you have 100 employees working for you and the downtime lasts half a day, the total loss is 100*4 = 400 hours.

  1. Loss of Brand Reputation

The World is becoming smaller with the increase in social media platforms. It is very easy these days to reach out to the mass within seconds and share your views on certain topics. One bad experience and one bad review can cost your brand reputation.

  1. Loss of Sales Revenue

A temporary dip in sales due to IT downtime can cost you a lot. If you are an e-commerce site having a sale day and suddenly your network experiences downtime. What will be at stake? Two most important things – sales and customer trust.

  1. Recovery and Hardware bloggertenance Cost

Work is not finished once the network is up. After the downtime is over, the real investigation starts. The cost of analysis and recovery should not be neglected by an organization. Companies usually shell out a huge amount of money to analyze the issue and get it fixed so that the situation does not arise again in the future.

You all must have heard, “Prevention is better than cure”. This holds true in all the situations. It is better to choose a wise solution for your servers so that IT downtime is reduced to nil or few minutes. Hosting your data on the cloud is an intelligent solution to all the problems. Before you go for a hosting provider, it is better to do a thorough research and then reach for the best one. A good hosting provider must have the security systems in place, be able to handle DOS attacks, spikes in the network, and power outages.

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