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5 things to know about Ransomware

Ransomware is one of the scariest virus attacks that locks away your data and do not let you access any of the files. This encrypted virus is designed to extort money from the victims. According to Avast, the recent global ransomware that attacked around 200,000 computers could replicate itself. Wanna cry is a type of ransomware, which was developed by the hacking group named The Shadow Brokers.

Usually, these attackers demand money. In the case of ransomware, the attackers demanded $300 in bitcoins. The victims were supposed to pay the extortion within 72 hours. Here we tell you top 5 things about the deadly ransomware.

  1. It is not just Windows Systems that are at risk

The Windows operating system is one of the most widely used operating systems. However, ransomware applications for Android and even Linux are present. There are no computers safe from ransomware. It is believed that ransomware for Smart TVs and machines with Mac OS are at equal risk of getting attacked by the malicious application.

  1. Data backup is important

There are no strict laws in place that can disrupt the malware attack. Thus, data backup is the most important and easiest step that you can take to protect your data. When ransomware attacks a computer, it spreads to the drives and folders in seconds and makes all the data inaccessible. To keep the sensitive data safe, it is required to take a backup on external drives. Hosting software and drives on the cloud server is the perfect solution.

  1. Decrypt files without ransom?

In this type of malware attack, hackers demand a ransom from the victim to unlock the encrypted files. Considering the recent global ransomware attack, the hackers let the victim decrypt some of the files and the rest only once the ransom was paid. There are a lot of software available in the market that can help the victims to decrypt most of the files. Still, during the attacks like ransomware attack, it is recommended to pay the ransom and get the files decrypted. There might be cases when the encrypting algorithms have some bug. In such cases, the victim could get all the files decrypted without the need of paying the ransom.

  1. Do not click what looks dubious:

Simply do not click what looks suspicious. The virus is usually initiated when a user clicks on a pop-up or an email attachment. To check the dubious files, see who the sender of the email is. Also, general grammar, sentence formation, and format of the mail tell a lot about the nature of email. Anything suspicious email should not be clicked or downloaded.

  1. Prevention is always the best:

Apart from email attachments, the virus is also transmitted through word docs with macros. It is always important to keep the software updated as most companies keep sending updates to make the software prone to virus attacks. Anti-virus is a must. Check that you have the updated version of anti-virus installed on all the machines.

The virus is bad and can ruin all the sensitive data. It is important that everyone, within an organization, should be trained on the latest security measures.

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