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5 Things to Expect From the New QuickBooks 2017

QuickBooks 2017 is the latest version of Intuit QuickBooks for Desktop. This latest version was released in September 2016. intuit has been releasing all its versions in the third week of September for past 10 years. The version is promising with a lot of improved features. This version has some of the improvements like generating automated reports, filtering results, and smart search.

QuickBooks by Intuit is a smart accounting software that helps small and mid-size businesses keep a track of their accounts. Users can keep a track of payroll, accept payments and more with this full-featured accounting software. The cloud version of QuickBooks allows users to access the data remotely.

QuickBooks 2016 came out in September 2015 with around three updates. This 25th version of Quickbooks hosting services has not failed to surprise customers with its new and improved features. Let us take a look at the 5 features that will add on to the functioning of QuickBooks.

Scheduled Reports

Customers can now automate the email sending process. You can set an email schedule to send reports. When you send an email at the scheduled time, password-protected PDF attachments are sent to the selected recipients. It is a great way to keep your team updated with the finance reports.

Report Customization Feature

The feature has made reports more readable. Now when you share the reports with team, vendor or client, it is easy for them to understand applied filters. Hence, read and understand tables. Show filter option in the QuickBooks 2017 helps displays the list of filters applied to the data. Additionally, when the report is printed with the show filter option on, the last page prints the list of filters applied.

Search Filter

The search feature has come with a lot of improvements. Not only the drop-down lists but also the amount and vendor filters have improved. The drop-down list used to display only those search results that had leftmost characters of the searched item. This has been taken care of in the current version of QuickBooks. Finding data in a large database has now become easier.

Now you can also search in between a range of values using the Amount Filter. This will help you get accurate results. Moreover, the search filter can now be customized to fetch the data by customer or vendor type.

Security Feature

Intuit QuickBooks 2017 is quite reliable. The software comes with high-security features that keep your data safe and secured. With better encryption and regular IT blogger tenancy check-ups, the software ensures your data stays safe.

Miscellaneous Improvements

Bill Tracker from the previous version has been introduced into this one too. The feature helps create bills and manage purchase orders. Other than the major updates mentioned above there are some more improvements in the software. Most of them have been implemented keeping user-friendliness in mind. The software now supports high-resolution monitors too.

The multi-user mode helps you to take care of tasks like paying bills, printing or scanning checks, and linking estimates to invoices. There is no need to switch between options as the multi-user mode helps you to carry tasks in one mode.

Adding to the list, it is now easier to track the audit sheets. Deleted users are marked as deleted and all the updates down by such users reflect the changes with names in the Audit trail.

Intuit did not disappoint with QuickBooks 2017. You can opt for QuickBooks Hosting for better accessibility and security. In case you want to update the 2016 version, it is advisable that you take a backup of all the data and files.